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FAQ: How does the custom bike build process work?

The custom build process is one that usually requires a bit of work at both ends, between our custom build specialist Greg and yourself. There are a few important questions you can ask yourself before getting in touch with us, that way the process can be as streamlined and successful as possible. These include the following: 


What do you want the bike to do/where do you want to ride?

This is the fundamental question that determines all one to come, and is the most important one to get right. Once you work out this question, it will make all the other decisions much easier to make when you have a vision in mind. Are you wanting to be mainly riding on or off road, on gravel or singletrack? Are you wanting to take the bike away for the occasional overnighter or are you planning a cross-continent epic journey? All these answers will determine in what direction you should look and what your requirements are.


What size frame do you need?

Another very important question, since the frame is where all custom builds begin. Once you know what you want to do, picking a frame that fits you and has the ability to run the wheel size that you are wanting is the next big decision. Lots of manufacturers post size charts online which should give you a rough idea of your size, and then from there it can help if you’re able to pop into the store and we could try you for fit on some comparable size/styled bikes.


What performance level do you want/what's your budget?

Once you’ve clarified the last two this is where the fine details start to come into play. This step involves working out how all your components are going to add up. There are lots of things to consider at this point, but Greg is always happy to check stock availability and see what we are able to source to get your new rig put together just how you want it. Groups of items such as tyres/wheels, drivetrain, brakes and handlebars and pedals are the main things that you have to consider. For most people the fanciest isn’t always the greatest option, as availability and serviceability are serious considerations for bikes that need to get through it all.

We can get a range of different framesets from Brother, Surly, Soma and Salsa so if you’re considering a build definitely give us a yell with what’s on your mind and we can give you a better idea of what is available and rough costs you could be looking at.