FAQ: What other electric bike features should I know about?

All of the e-bike models we stock have an LCD display that shows you information such as your speed, distance traveled, power setting and battery level. Specific features will vary, but some models also have a USB port for charging your mobile, integrated lights, and ‘walk assist’ (a low-power mode you can use when you need to push your bike).

The battery attaches to the bike with a lock. Take the key out from the lock before riding, to make sure the battery is seated in place and does not surprise you by accidentally falling out while you ride.

On most e-bike models, the motor will stop when you stop pedaling or use the brakes.

On many e-bike models, the motor will also give a lull in power when you change gears. This is to help with a smoother gear shift (and will remind you also to ease off the pedals a little for a moment).

On most e-bike models, the display is removable so that you can take it with you when parking. The display is robust, but it does contain electronics and we encourage you to take care when fitting and removing it. On some models, the display can be secured to the bike with a special screw to discourage theft.

On certain European e-bike models, the motor will stop helping you above 25km/h.