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FAQ: What type of handlebars should I get?

Oh, the impossible question of handlebar choice! This is obviously a massively personal choice in terms of what you prefer and what works for you, but there are a few pointers we can give you that could help you make your decision. Here are some pros and cons for the main different types of adventure handlebars.


Drop Bar

  • Pros: Largest variety of hand positions, easy to attach aerobars (usually), lots of options in terms of shape and width, offers a low, efficient pedalling position.
  • Cons: Not very stable off road, lower position doesn’t work for everybody, can limit  handlebar bag options.


Flat Bar

  • Pros: Very stable handling off road, variety of grip options, easy to attach aerobars (usually), lots of room for attaching handlebar bags. 
  • Cons: No variety of hand positions unless fitted with further accessories, not aerodynamic for longer rides.


Jones/Moloko Bar

  • Pros: Variety of hand positions, custom handlebar bags to fit snacks, relatively stable off road, offers plenty of room for handlebar bags, variety of grip options.
  • Cons:Can be difficult to attach aerobars, position doesn’t work for everyone, isn’t optimised for either on or off road.