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FAQ: What's with all these cargo bikes I'm seeing around?

When we first opened up shop, we were the only ones bringing cargo bikes into the country. Since then, the popularity of these bikes has grown hugely, resulting in them becoming a much more common sight especially on the streets of Wellington. This growth has been organic and we believe is directly related to the many benefits that cargobikes offer to their riders, which we'll break down in the points below.


They are the true car replacement, ready to replace your second car or your primary. 

We sell all kinds of bikes for people to ride every day, but many of them come up short of doing all of the work a car can do. Many passionate cyclists will ride every day but still break the car out for certain errands like big grocery runs, carrying the family around or moving heavy things. Cargo bikes dispell these final, petrol-based needs allowing you to make every trip a fun adventure by bike. Skeptical about their ability? Poke your head into our shop and see how we do things here at Bicycle Junction. We've carried everything from washing machines, fridges, timber and even other cargo bikes by bicycle, so as the old saying goes - where there's a will, there's a way.


They make a healthier you and a healthier planet.

Since they’re able to truly replace your car on a day-to-day basis, every trip you take makes you healthier and happier. Cargo bikes allow you to fuel your trips with muscle and clean electric power, saving money at the petrol pump and getting you fit at the same time. People have also told us that cargo bikes have helped them feel more connected with their surroundings and the communities they live within, which is also a big plus.

They build happier cities. 

Like all bikes, cargo bikes massively reduce congestion and pollution of all types on city streets. Those who ride make their city a better place every time they head out, which is why our mission is to help everyone who wants to ride every day. On top of this, a lot of the time they're also faster to get around on than cars are, as you're able to get through traffic and park with much less of a hassle. They ideal tool of choice if you have to quickly drop your kids off on your way to work.


They knit together happier families. 

Instead of spending time locked in traffic with the kids jostling in the back seat, cargo bikes give parents and kids alike a new perspective on every ride to school and trip to a friends house. Gone are the days of "Are we there yet?" as most kids love every trip because getting around town is a hoot. We all spend heaps of time getting around in life, why not make that time a valuable bonding experience with those you love?


They're fun.

If you don't take our word on it, we recommend coming in for an extended test ride. The satisfaction of being almost entirely self sufficient, flying past stationary cars, loading up ridiculous objects or giving your friends a lift are the sort of thing you need to do to understand how fun these bikes can be. They offer a genuinely fresh way to get around and behave in cities, which is why we're so fond of them.