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What is the Bosch Smart System?

February 07, 2024 3 min read

What is the Bosch Smart System – An Overview

The Bosch Smart System is built for the next generation of e-bikes. Boasting ride customisation, security and safety features you’d expect to see only in a modern EV (electric vehicle). The Smart System was released in 2022 and, as with anything it took a little time for e-bike manufacturers to integrate the system. Now 2 years later we are seeing a strong lineup of e-bikes rolling into Bicycle Junction with the technology. So, let’s see what’s on offer.

New Ride Modes

Both Auto and Cargo Mode have been added to the roster of assist levels.

Auto Mode offers a natural feeling ride that responds to the terrain. In Auto the motor will detect an incline and resistance from a foul head wind and offer more power – perfect for Wellington.

Cargo Mode offers up to 400% assistance – that’s matching your effort and multiplying it by 4! This mode specialises in offering smooth yet instant torque when your hauling cargo or family.

Cargo Mode currently available on the Riese & Muller Transporter 2 & Multitinker

With both these modes you can expect to get a similar ride feel to Turbo while improving your range as bike adjusts it’s assist levels to your terrain – so no more consciously trying to flick between assist levels to get the most out of your battery.

Find out more here -

Automatic Shifting

It was only a matter of time – but the question remained, how good could this actually be? We got to test the system of the new Sinch Force EZ and Riese & Muller Nevo 4 and let me tell you, it feels amazing. The automatic shifting takes the ride experience to the next level with a ‘set it and forget’ approach. You only need to set up the desired cadence, and the system will adjust the gears so you pedal at the same pace - you'll never look at a hill in the same way. Currently only available with the Enviolo Automatiq internal gear hub.

Custom Riding Modes

If you are familiar with Bosch in the past, you might know that you could download custom riding modes but, it wasn’t free and would override your original modes. With the Smart System Flow app creating custom ride modes is simple, free and offers far more features. Adjust assist levels, pull away assistance from lights and, reduce max speed for more range.

ABS – Auto Braking System - View Product

Another powerful feature of the Bosch Smart System is the integration of an emergency auto braking system (ABS). By simply installing the Bosch ABS Control Unit with compatible brakes, turn your e-bike in a real stopping powerhouse. Not only does it improve braking performance but also has rear wheel lift control, keeping both wheels on the ground for maximum grip and peace-of-mind.

We have ABS available on the latest Riese & Muller Multicharger2 & Nevo

Find out more here -

Security - View Product

Protect your bike with the Bosch Connect Module. When the bike is locked and someone tries to move it, it will give off warning beeps. If it continues to move, the alarm will go off.

In the case of alarm activation, you will be notified instantly by the Bosch Flow+ app via push notification. The tracking function will be enabled, and a theft report will be generated for you to send to local authorities.

The module is installed inside the bike making it very difficult to access.

The Bosch E-Bike Flow App

Decide for yourself what support, dynamics, maximum torque and speed you want from your eBike. You can adapt all riding modes to your needs via the eBike Flow app. This way, you not only get the best possible support for your workout, ride or commute to work, you get one that's just right for you. The app also allows you to update the bikes firmware so you're always up-to-date.

Download the app here.

Phone as Display - View Product

Attach the SmartphoneGrip to the handlebar, insert your phone and open the eBike Flow app: the Ride Screen shows you the speed, ride duration and distance as well as the battery charge level. Also support wireless charging and heart rate monitoring via Apple smart watches.

Have some more questions?

Check out our FAQ. There's now a whole category about the Boasch Smart System. Otherwise pop in store or give us a shout.

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