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FAQ: What's included in a Comprehensive Service?

WHAT: Our Comprehensive Service is your go-to service for larger planned maintenance. This includes:

  • a comprehensive check of your bike,
  • adjustment of gears, brakes and other moving parts as required,
  • replacement of any worn or damaged consumable parts (brake pads, cables and tires), together with incidental repairs,
  • cleaning and lubricating your drivetrain,
  • drivetrain replacement as required,
  • air in your tires, and
  • for e-bikes, a diagnostic scan and firmware update where applicable.

For more advanced work we recommend our Extensive Service.

WHY: Any bike that’s being ridden will at some point require new consumables. If you’ve done enough miles that a new drivetrain is needed (that’s the chain and cogs), this service is for you.

WHEN: For most bikes that are being ridden, a Comprehensive Service will be needed every one to two years.

TIPS: Want to learn how to get the most life out of your drivetrain? Read our blog

For a full overview of our workshop services, please check out our menu. Or book online below.