FAQ: Will I be able to get up the hills on a cargo bike?

Some Cargo Bikes are better than others for hill-climbing. If you will frequently be riding your Cargo bike up a hill it is important to consider which type is more suitable for your purpose and geography. In some cases the right bike is not the one you would expect.

Bullitts and Omniums are lightweight and fast. They are great for riding long distances, and depending on the model they generally have the widest range of gears of all our Cargo bikes. However, if they will often be loaded with 80kg on the front, the light weight of the bike may not make a big difference to your hill-climb.

Three-wheelers may not ride as fast but do have the benefit of being able to be ridden very, very slow in a very low gear. On a two-wheeler you need to ride a minimum speed up the hill to keep balance, whereas on a three wheeler you can ride as slow as you like and rest when you want by simply applying the brakes.

We can adjust your gear range up or down according to your local terrain. On most of our cargo bikes there are several gearing options to choose from. We can guide you in determining the right match.

Another option is to add an electric kit. This is particularly popular on two-wheelers as you have the benefit of being able to ride fast downhill while having the power and speed to travel uphill with a load.