Bullitt Foldable Seat

This thing is wicked! A super streamlined, padded seat allows 2 small children or 1 adult to be carried. After use, the seat can then be folded up and with it's slender proportions takes up just 10cm in the cargo area.

A base is required for use of the Foldable Seat and we recommend our Honeycomb platform, however regular plywood is also workable. The seat's fittings are articulated, allowing the back rest to support the passenger/s more effectively and it is made from padded, water resistant microfibre. It also comes with a seatbelt. The foldable seat is designed for use with children over the age of 2. For younger babies we think a car seat fastened with our seatbelt provides better support and protection.

Tools required: 5mm Allen key and 10mm spanner/wrench
Weight: 3000 g.

$0.00 $495.00