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FAQ: What is an e-bike? How does it work? How do I ride it?

An e-bike is a bicycle with electric motor to help you along. You ride it much like you ride a normal bicycle, but with less effort. Electric bikes come in many styles, from commuter bikes to full-suspension mountain bikes and everything in between. Our focus is on urban and cargo bikes, used for commuting, transport, or pleasure. To that end, we stock bikes that have a focus on quality, are beautiful to look at, and will last a long time.

An e-bike motor works by automatically switching on the (quiet) motor when you pedal. There are two different types of motor: motors that are in the frame between the pedals (mid drive) and motors that are in your rear hub (hub drive). Both types have their pros and cons - but in recent years mid drive systems have proven to generally be the better option. Below you can read a brief comparison of the two, but for a more in depth comparison read the FAQ on this topic here.

As a rule, mid drive motors provide a more authentic bicycle experience. This is because the motor senses how much power you are putting into the pedals (using a torque sensor), and responds proportionally (that is, the harder you pedal, the more the motor helps you). This makes you feel like you have extra strong legs! Mid drive motors tend to be more responsive than hub drive motors, and allow the bicycle to roll more freely without the additional drag of a motor in the hub. We stock e-bike models with mid drive motors made by Bosch and Shimano.

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All of our e-bikes allow you to adjust how much power you want, or to switch off the power altogether and ride it like a non-electric bike. Below you can find a video where we walk through the basics of how to use our most popular bike, the Moustache Xroad. Even if you own a different bike than this one, many of these points are universal for all ebikes, so have a look to find out more!