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FAQ: Tern GSD vs Yuba Spicy Curry - What are the differences?

Our two most popular cargo bikes share a lot in common, so we thought it would be a good idea to create a guide for anyone unsure of what the difference between them is. It is true that there is a lot of overlap, as they both;
  • Are equipped with the most powerful Bosch Motor, the Bosch Cargo Line. You can read about this motor here.
  • Have a low rear deck which makes balancing two kids on the back more stable than on some of the other models such as the Benno Boost E or Riese & Müller Multicharger.
  • Are compatible with Dual battery systems to double your range, although most people find the standard 500wh battery that comes on each of them is enough for multiple days commute.
  • Have a double kickstand and a full range of accessories to suit carrying children safely and easily. They also suit a range of rider heights well.
The main difference between the bikes is the amount of space on the rear rack. The GSD will suit carrying two children up to about seven years old, after which they may start riding their own bike. The Spicy Curry can carry up to three kids and so has a little more room for carrying kids and stuff at the same time. 
Due to its larger rear rack, the Spicy Curry will also be better at carrying older kids than the GSD. This means the Spicy Curry might remain in your family for longer. More capacity in the rear rack also usually means more use of cargo bike, which is worth considering even though both these bikes have large capacity.
However, the GSD of course is more compact and has some other nice features such as a suspension fork and a kickstand that is easier to use when loaded than that on the Spicy Curry. If you don/t have much storage space as well, the GSD may make a more suitable option for you due to its smaller footprint, and ability to be stored upright.
At the end of the day, both these bikes are super capable, and after a test ride you should get a much better idea of which one feels right for you. If you’re Wellington local you might like to book in for an extended test ride on one or both bikes so you can try it over a period of days on your commute. You can book a test ride online using the button below.