Frequently Asked Questions

This section will help you make the most of owning a Bicycle Junction product. Below you will find answers to some of the questions we hear most often. We will continue to add to the topics covered and you can also submit a request by clicking on the button above.

How far will an e-bike go on a single battery charge? See More
How fast will my electric bike go? See More
Hub-Drive or Mid-Drive Electric? See More
What is an e-bike? How does it work? How do I ride it? See More
What other electric bike features should I know about? See More
Isn’t riding an electric bike cheating? What about training? See More
Electric bike battery size - how is it measured and what does it mean? See More
How long does it take to charge an electric bike battery? See More
How much does it cost to charge an electric bike battery? See More
How do I look after my ebike battery? See More
Will I have to replace the battery on my electric bike at some point? See More
Can you ride an e-bike in the rain? See More
Can you ride an electric bike like a normal bike? See More
Will an electric bike recharge as you ride? See More
How often does an e-bike need to be serviced? See More
Do I need to register my e-bike? What about insurance? See More
How much will my e-bike weigh? See More
Where can I ride my e-bike? See More
Why spend $3-5k on an electric bike when you can buy one for $2k See More
HELP - I can't choose which bike! See More
What's the best way to transport my children? See More
How much will the cargo bikes carry? See More
Is a two-wheel or three-wheel cargo bike best for me? See More
Will I be able to get up the hills on a cargo bike? See More
Folding Bikes
What is the history of Brompton Bikes? See More
What handlebars should I choose for my Brompton See More
What spares should I take when touring by Brompton? See More
What is the lead time for delivery of Bromptons? See More
How do I choose the Brompton that's right for me? See More
Where can I test ride a Brompton? See More
Tips and Tech
Should I have disk brakes? Other brakes? See More
Internal Vs External gears See More
Choosing the right bike for you See More
How to tune a rear derailleur See More
How to fix a flat. See More
Removing rust from Chrome See More
What is included in the WOF check? See More
Rear derailleur trouble-shooting See More
Our Workshop - What's the deal? See More
Shipping and Returns
How much will it cost to ship? See More
How long will my order take to arrive? See More
Can I assemble my new bike myself? See More
Everything Else
Bikepacking - Ins and Outs See More
Where can I test ride your bikes? See More
Do you hire bikes? See More
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And other mysteries

How do I convince my mate to let me film him jumping Death Canyon on a rocket propelled bike? Do you sell Spokie Dokies? Is Bicycle Junction entering a team in the Tour de France next year? All good questions. Click on the link below and fire your questions through if we haven't managed to answer them above.